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In a market where competitors focus on young callers making quick calls in a automated environment, Advantage Plus is the only firm that takes a "step back" and believes quality fundraising lies in the conversation, not the computer equipment or the speed of the call.....

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In partnership with Alonso Consulting, Advantage Plus has developed a state of the art smart phone application that can be customized to meet your needs. Technology is evolving and today's savvy non-profits are taking advantage of technology to add a layer of cultivation, stewardship and solicitation that has not been possible in the past without huge expenses.....

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Our on-site consulting services focus on your caller management, training, and quality of your conversations. We do not try to sell you an expensive software and hardware solution. Computers do not build relationships; people do! Our trained consultants will come in an devaluate your calling program on-site. We will spend a week listening to your callers, meeting with your phone program management team and making recommendations as we go along. It is a hands on approach designed to increase results immediately.....

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Legacy calls is a three touch telephone outreach program, highly customized and personalized to meet your organization's planned giving needs. Through one-on-one communication with your most loyal donors, we identify your best planned giving and/or campaign prospects, confirm and quantify new gifts, educate donors about gift options and close planned gifts. We work closely with key members of your development team to craft a program that enables our callers to function as an extension of your own staff. We are the only firm that uses our trained callers to identify planned giving potential and then hands the prospect over to a trained planned giving specialist with twenty plus years of experience to close the gift. The progress of these calls, prospect feedback and gift closures can be tracked on a live online database by the client 24 hours a day.....

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Advantage Plus is partnered with a technology firm. This partnership has allowed us to create a suite of services unparalleled in the industry. Included in these services is our capability to send out personalized e-mails for all your needs. Clients can utilize our e-mail service to send out solicitations, pre-call materials, event information and invitations. We can set-up the service to allow you to upload your data and design the e-mail yourself, or we can have one of our writers help you in the creative process. As with all of our services, Advantage Plus' focus is on the best practices and how to minimize your investment while maximizing your return. Our solicitation e-mails can be directed back to your websit,e or we can set-up a landing page and report gifts back to you for processing.....

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  • Over 50 years of combined fundraising experience
  • Highest quality of customer service
  • Firm specializing in the nonprofit market
  • On-site caller training and education
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